Australian Daily Prayer

About this site

An Australian Anglican Daily Prayer Service

This site contains the daily prayer services from the 1995 A Prayer Book for Australia. There are other online daily prayer sites, but none of them seemed to be Australian based.

The Lectionary

The readings and Psalms that appear on this site have been taken from the 2005 Weekday Lectionary that is provided on the Church of England's site (in pdf format). This lectionary has it pros and cons.

The readings are fairly systematic as it continues the readings from one day to the next. There are however some strange breaks for some readings and on occasion a few verses are skipped over within a reading, which is a bit silly.

Some days there was a choice between a reading from the Old Testament and a reading from the Apocrypha. I have consistently chosen to display the Old Testament passage. On the occasions when some readings start or end halfway through a verse, the whole verse is displayed.

This lectionary does not have any Sunday readings (as I think to get them you need to attend your local church service :). There seems to be no readings for Ash Wednesday, Ascension Day, December 25 - December 28 & January 1, and yet for those days, except for Ascension Day, there are Psalms.

The Psalm heading in italics is the primary Psalm for that service and should be set to be the first Psalm opened for that day.

Bible Version

Although the New Revised Standard Version is the preferred version in the lectionary, I have used the English Standard Version for the readings. This was both a personal and a technical decision.

I personally prefer the ESV over the NRSV, however I have to admit that the ESV is a bit cumbersome when reading aloud, which is the intention of the daily prayer services. On the technical side, the ESV website has a really easy to use API to pull bible passages :)

For the Psalms I have used the Common Worship translation from the Church of England's site (pdf). This translation is better than the ESV if the Psalms are to be used in a call and response format.

Calendar of Festivals and Saints

The events that appear in the church calendar have been taken from Wikipedia. A quick scan over the 1995 prayer book seems to suggest they are the same. If there are any errors, please let me know.

The Collects

The daily prayers have been taken from the 1995 A Prayer Book for Australia. It is based on the calendar of Festivals and Saints, but it does not contain prayers for Rogation Days (25th April & before the Ascension) or Ember Days (Wednesday, Friday, Saturday in certain weeks). The festival days are manually assigned by date, however I have tried to auto generate the collects for a martyr, missionary, pastor, bishop, theologian/teacher, monastic/ascetic or saint based on key words in their description. This means it may not be 100% if their descriptions do not contain words I am looking for.

Seasons and dates

I have gone with a fairly basic system of seasons and colours based on this guide from the Church of England's site. They are:

Advent: 4th Sunday before Christmas till Christmas Eve.
Christmas: 25th December till 5th January (the day before Epiphany).
Epiphany: 6th January till 2nd February. If Epiphany (6th Jan) is a Sunday then the Baptism of Jesus is the 2nd Sunday in Epiphany, otherwise its the first Sunday. Ordinary Time: 3rd February till Ash Wednesday. Ash Wednesday is 46 days before Easter. Lent: Ash Wednesday till the day before Palm Sunday. Palm Sunday is 7 days before Easter. The fourth Sunday in Lent could be rose, but it will be purple on this site. Holy Week (Lent): Palm Sunday till the day before Easter.
Easter: Easter till the day before Pentecost. Pentecost is 49 days afte Easter. Pentecost Week (Ordinary Time): Pentecost till the day before Trinity Sunday. Trinity Sunday is 56 days after Easter. Some has this period as red, but it will be green on this site. Ordinary Time: Trinity Sunday till the day before Advent. Between All Saint's Day and Advent the colour could be red, but it will be green on this site.

Instead of using a look up table for the dates of Easter (or PHP's inbuilt function) I have gone with a formula similar to the simple one on this page, which means Easter (and all the dates based around Easter) should be correct between 1900 to 2099.

Errors, mistakes, typos, formatting etc...

I have not tested every day in the calendar or proof read over the Psalms or collects so there could be some mistakes. If you discover any, please contact me @ampers on twitter so I can fix them up.